• magazine_ipad

Pixl Magazine: Edition One

Pixl magazine – Physical and Online copy available.

A one-off, limited edition version of pixl magazine is exclusively available online at a given url with a hard copy of the magazine.

Gather inspiration and tips on a variety of adobe design software programs.

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  • design_museum_logo_yellow

Design Museum

A new identity.

From a very a young age we are taught the basics of design through the use of shapes and how only certain things fit a particular area.

To grasp a new audience to the museum the brand needs to appeal to basic human design thinking, bringing it back to shapes.

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  • gdp_home_small

GDP Per Capita

Top countries GDP per capita.

A mock website which is accessible by everyone to show the GDP Per Capita of the top countries for average wage vs. country population.

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  • say_spray_logo

Say it & Spray it! – Youtube

A grime youtube channel and project.

Created a youtube video introduction, logo, background and graphics to form a local project supporting underground grime artists.

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  • mickeys_carton

Mickey’s Milkshake

A new type of milkshake.

We start by gathering the milk from our cows (happy ones) and then collecting fresh fruit and blending and crushing them to make our milkshakes. The fruit are never quite as happy…or so we assume because fruit can’t talk!

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  • mac


Monthly Insurance.

Creating a brand for a new insurance scheme which offers month per month insurance. Creating advertisement and website templates.

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